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Find AGCO Tractors, Caterpillar, Challenger, Fendt and Valta Tractors on ELS.

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Agco Tractor-Caterpillar Tractor-Challenger-Fendt Tractor-Valtra Tractor

ELS offers multiple searches for new and used AGCO, Caterpillar, Challenger, Fendt and Valtra tractors, including Quick Search, Power Search, Browse, and the newest is a Make Search, which allows you to view all farm equipment types for a specific make or brand. Since Allis-Chalmers, White, Duetz-Allis and now Caterpillar tractors have become AGCO and Challenger there have been many changes in the product lineup, but you can still find the older tractor listings on the ELS along with the newer model AGCO tractors and Challenger tractors.

Agco Tractor-Used Agco Tractor-Agco Tractors-Used Agco Tractors

Browse ELS dealer listings for new and used Agco Tractors. AGCO DT series tractors are powerful, rugged and equipped to handle big jobs efficiently, the high horsepower AGCO DT series tractors includes models DT180, DT200, DT220, DT240 in the 180 to 240 hp range. The AGCO RT series tractor models include RT100, RT120, RT135, RT150 in the 128 to 186 hp range. AGCO LT series tractors includes models LT75 and LT90 in 75 and 90 hp. The AGCO GT Series utility tractors includes models GT45A, GT55A, GT65A, GT75A in 52 to 83 hp range. AGCO durability and performance comes in a compact unit with the ST22A, ST24A, ST25, ST28A, ST30X, ST30X Hydro, ST32, ST33A, ST34A, ST41A, ST47, ST52A in 22.5 to 52.1 hp range model compact tractors.

Caterpillar Tractor-Challenger Tractor-Used Caterpillar Tractors

Browse ELS dealer listings for Challenger tractors. The Challenger MT900B series in models MT945B, MT955B, MT965B, MT975B in 430 to 570 hp range. The Challenger MT800B Series track tractors in models 835B, MT845B, MT855B, MT 865B, M875B in 290 to 570 hp range. The Challenger MT700B series track tractors in models MT745B, MT755B, MT765B, in 225 to 265 hp range. The Challenger® MT600B series tractors comes in four sizes in the MT635B, MT645B, MT655B, MT665B in 180 to 240 hp range. The Challenger® MT500B series tractor offers 5 models MT525B, MT535B, MT545B, MT 555B, MT565B in 95 to 145 hp range. These tough tractor models MT425B, MT445B, MT 455B, MT465B in 60 to 90 hp range; deliver all the strength, power and reliability you’d expect from a Challenger tractor. The Challenger MT315B, MT325B, MT335B, MT345B range from 45 to 75 PTO HP is a light, all-purpose tractor. MT200B Series tractors in models MT225B, MT255B, MT265B, MT275B, MT285B, MT295b in 22.5 to 52.1 hp range are tough for their size.

Fendt Tractor-Used Fendt Tractor-Fendt Tractors-Used Fendt Tractors

Browse ELS dealer listings for Fendt tractors. The Fendt 200 series tractor from 65 to 94 hp is a new milestone for narrow track tractors. Fendt Vario Tractor models Farmer 409, Farmer 410, Farmer 411, Farmer 412 from 95 to 128 hp continue the long and successful tradition in mid-sized farming operations. The Fendt 700 Vario Model tractors include 712, 714, and 716 in 110 to 140 PTO HP. Fendt 800 VarioTMS - a new level of performance models include 815, 817 and 818 in 168 to 195 hp. With the 900 Vario models 918, 920, 924, 926 range from 160 HP to 240 HP, Fendt impressively prove their role as world-wide leader in agricultural technology.

Valtra Tractor-Used Valtra Tractor-Va;tra Tractors-Used Valtra Tractors

Browse ELS dealer listings for Valtra tractors. Valtra offers the S280 tractor in 280 hp. The Valtra T Series tractor in models T120, T130, T140e, T150, T160, T170, T180, T190 from 125 to 208 hp range. The Valtra M series tractors include models M120, M130, M150, XM130, XM150, range from 120 to 150 horsepower. The new Valtra N Series models N91, N101, N111, N111e, N121, N121A, N141, N141A, range from 101 to 152 horsepower. The Valtra C Series tractors in models C90, C100, C110, C120, C120e, C130, C150 in 95 to 150 hp, represents a new generation of tractors in terms of design, technology and functionality. Valtra’s light and nimble A Series tractors in models A75, A85, A95 in 74 to 98 hp range, are well suited for all kinds of farm work. The 6000 Series is easy to use and comfortable in models 6200, 6250Hi, 6300, 6350Hi, 6400, 6550Hi, 6850Hi 94 to 125 hp range. Valtra 3000 series in models 3100F, 3100C, 3300V, 3300F, 3300C, 3400V, 3400F, 3400C, 3500v, 3500F, 3500C in 52 to 76 hp range; provides a Vineyard and Orchard tractor for vineyard, orchard and coffee estate applications and a Compact tractor as a light duty tractor for normal operations.

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