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North America Agriculture: Equipment Types

3 Point Backhoe Attachment Header-Windrower
3 Point Fork Heavy Harrow
Air Drill Hedge - Verge Cutter
Air Seeder Hi Dump-Wagon
Air Seeder: Air Sys/Cart Hitch
Applicator Hopper Bottom Trailer
Attachments Horse Trailer
ATV Husking Bed
Auger-Portable Hydroseeder
Backhoe Thumb In-Line Ripper
Bale Accumulator Irrigation Pipe Trailer
Bale Feeder Land Plane
Bale Fork Land Roller
Bale Mover-3 Point Hitch Lift Truck/Fork Lift-Industrial
Bale Mover-Pull Type Lift Truck/Fork Lift-Rough Terrain
Bale Processor Liquid Fertilizer-Pull Type
Bale Spear Liquid Fertilizer-Transport Nurse Trailer
Bale Squeeze Attachment Log Loader
Bale Wagon-Pull Type Manure Separator
Bale Wagon-Self Propelled Manure Spreader-Dry
Bale Wrapper Manure Spreader-Dry/Pull Type
Baler Manure Spreader-Dry/Truck Mounted
Baler-Big Square Manure Spreader-Liquid
Baler-Round Manure Spreader-Liquid/Pull Type
Baler-Square Misc. Ag
Bark Blower Misc. Forestry
Batwing Mower Misc. Trailers
Bedding Conveyor Misc. Truck
Belt Conveyor Misc. Vineyard Equipment
Berry Harvester Attachment Miscellaneous
Berry Harvester-Self Propelled Mower Caddys
Bin Piler Mower Conditioner
Blade Front Mower Deck
Blade Rear-3 Point Hitch Mulch Finisher
Boom Mower Mulcher
Cab Pallet Fork
Cargo Trailer Pasture Harrow
Chipper-Hand Fed Pasture Renovator
Chipper-Pull Type Peanut Combine-Pull Type
Chippers Planter
Chipper-Self Propelled Plastic Mulch Layer
Combine Plow
Commercial Front Mowers Plow-Chisel
Compact Speed Disc Tillage Plow-Moldboard
Corn Picker Post Driver
Cotton Equipment Handling and Transportation Post Hole Digger
Cotton Picker Potato Conveyor
Cotton Stripper Potato Harvester
Crop Chopper Potato Planter
CultiPacker Poultry Housekeeper
Cutter Power Harrow - Rotavator
Debris Fork Precision Farming
Deep Till Pressure Washer
Delimber Pulverizer
Disc Chisel Reel Irrigator
Disc Mower Rippers
Disk Harrow Rock Picker
Disk Ripper Rock Rake
Ditcher Roll Off Trailer
Drag Harrow Rolling Basket
Dry Fertilizer-Transport Auger Trailer Rotary Cutter
Dump Cart Rotary Hoe
Dump Trailer Rotary Tiller
Dump Truck Row Crop Cultivator
End Dump Trailer Rubber Tire Scraper
Engine/Power Unit Running Gear
Equipment Trailer Saw
Farm Trailer Sawdust Thrower
Feed Cart Scale
Feed Truck Scraper-Pull Type
Feeder Wagon-Portable Scraper-Self Propelled
Feeder Wagon-Power Seed Tender
Feller Buncher Seeder
Feller Buncher-Track Shredder
Feller Buncher-Wheeled Sicklebar Mower
Felling Head Side Dump Trailer
Fertilizer Spreader Silage Bagger
Field Cultivator Skid Steer
Field Rollers Skid Steer-Mini
Finishing Mower Skid Steer-Track
Flail Mower Snow Blade
Floater/High Clearance Spreader Snow Blower
Forage Box Specialty Trailer
Forage Boxes and Blowers Sprayer
Forage Box-Truck Mounted Sprayer Attachment
Forage Box-Wagon Mounted Sprayer Booms
Forage Harvester Sprayer Orchard
Forage Harvester-Pull Type Sprayer-3 Point Hitch
Forage Harvester-Self Propelled Sprayer-Pull Type
Forage Head-Rotary Sprayer-Self Propelled
Forage Head-Row Crop Stack Mover-Pull Type
Forage Head-Windrow Pickup Stack Mover-Self Propelled
Forestry Excavator Stalk Chopper
Forestry Harvester Stock Trailer
Forestry Skidder Straw Blower
Forestry Stacker Strip-Till
Forestry Yarder Stump Grinder
Forwarder Sub Soiler
Front End Loader Attachment Sugar Beet Harvesters-Pull Type
Generator Tank
Grain Auger Tedder
Grain Bag Equipment Tedder Rake
Grain Cart Telehandler
Grain Drill Tillage
Grain Truck TMR Mixer
Grain Vac Tool Bar/ 3 Point Hitch
Grape Harvester-Self Propelled Tracks
Grapple Tractor
Gravity Box Tractor - 4WD
Grinder Mixer Tractor - Compact
Harvester-Wheeled Tractor - Compact Utility
Harvesting Head Tractor - Row Crop
Hay Bed Tractor - Scraper
Hay Inverter Tractor - Track
Hay Merger Tractor - Utility
Hay Rake Tractor Blades
Hay Rake-Bar Transplanter
Hay Rake-Dual Bar Tree Spade
Hay Rake-Hitch Tub Grinder - Feed/Hay
Hay Rake-Rotary Tub Grinder - Feed/Hay PTO
Hay Rake-Unitized V Bar Tub Grinder - Forestry
Hay Rake-Unitized V Wheel UNI Misc.
Hay Rake-Wheel UNI Power Unit
Hay Squeeze Utility Trailer
Haying Equipment Utility Vehicle
Header Vertical Tillage
Header Trailer V-Ripper
Header/Platform Wagon
Header-Auger Weights
Header-Auger/Flex Wheels and Tires
Header-Auger/Rigid Winch
Header-Corn Windrow Inverter
Header-Draper/Flex Windrower
Header-Draper/Rigid Windrower-Pull Type
Header-Pick Up Windrower-Self Propelled
Header-Reel Only Wood Splitter Processor
Header-Row Crop Zero Turn Mower
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