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North America Construction: Equipment Types

Aggregate Cone Crushers Lift Truck/Fork Lift
Aggregate Conveyors - Stacking Lift Truck/Fork Lift-Industrial
Aggregate Conveyors - Transfer Lift Truck/Fork Lift-Rough Terrain
Aggregate Feeders Light Tower
Aggregate Impact Crushers Line Stripper
Aggregate Jaw Crushers Loader Backhoe
Aggregate Screening Plants Loader Backhoe Attachment
Aggregate Washing Equipment Loader Backhoe Bucket
Air Compressor Loader Bucket
Asphalt Cutter Loader Coupler
Asphalt Distributor Loader Fork
Asphalt Paver Loader Landscaper
Asphalt Production Loader Scale
Attachment Log Splitter
Auger Bits Magnet & Metal Detector
Bedding Conveyor Maint. Truck
Boom Lift Masonry Saw
Boom Lift-Articulating Mining Excavator
Boom Lift-Telescopic Mining Loader
Boom Lift-Trailer Mounted Misc. Construction
Boom Mower Misc. Trailers
Boom Truck Miscellaneous
Box Blade Scraper Mobile Crusher
Bucket Mobile Screen
Bucket Truck Modular Mix System
Bus Mole
Cargo Trailer Motor Grader
Cement Mixer Truck Motorgrader Attachment
Chainsaw Offroad Truck
Chipper-Hand Fed Personal Lift-Portable
Chipper-Pull Type Pipelayer
Chippers Power Drill
Chipper-Self Propelled Power Trowel
Cold Planer Power Van
Compact Loader-Stand On Pressure Washer
Compact Loader-Walk Behind Pump
Compactor Reclaimer
Compactor-Asphalt Reclaimer-Stabilizer
Compactor-Jumping Jack Rip Rap Plant
Compactor-Plate Road Widener
Compactor-Pneumatic Tires Rockwheel
Compactor-Soil Roll Off Trailer
Compost Turner Rollers/Compactors
Concrete Buggy Scale (Belt) & Scale Conveyor
Concrete Equipment Scissor Lift
Concrete Paver Scissor Lift-Rough Terrain
Conveyor Belting/Component Scraper-Pull Type
Crane Scrapers
Crane Attachment Scraper-Self Propelled
Crane-All Terrain Screen
Crane-Crawler Screening Plant - Hydraulic
Crane-Rough Terrain Side Dump Trailer
Crane-Truck Skid Steer
Crawler Carrier Skid Steer Attachment
Crawler Loader Skid Steer Bucket
Crawler Tractor Attachment Skid Steer-Mini
Crawlers Skid Steer-Track
Crusher Snow Equipment
Cut-Off Saw Specialty Trailer
Directional Drill Spreader-Highway
Dozer Spreader-Tailgate
Drill Head Locator Street Sweeper
Drill-Construction String Trimmer/Weed Eater
Dump Trailer Submersible Pump
Dump Truck Telehandler
Electric Motor Telehandler Attachment
Electrical Switchgear Temperature Control
End Dump Trailer Tracks
Engine/Power Unit Tractor Truck
Equipment Trailer Trash Pump
Excavator Attachment Trencher
Excavator Bucket Trencher-Rubber Tires
Excavator Coupler Trencher-Track
Excavator Thumb Trencher-Walk Behind
Excavator-Mini Truck Unloader/Conveyor
Excavator-Track Underground Equipment
Excavator-Tracked Material Handling Utility Trailer
Excavator-Wheel Utility Vehicle
Fluid-Mixing System Vacuum Excavator
Forklift Attachment Vibratory Plate
Fuel Trailer Vibratory Plow
Generator Walk Behind Concrete Saw
GPS System Water Equipment
Hammer-Air Water Pump
Hammer-Concrete Water Truck
Hammer-Demolition Water Wagon
Heater Weights
Hitch Welder
Hopper Bottom Trailer Wheel Dozer
Horizontal Grinder Wheel Loader
Hydraulic Hammer Wheel Loader Attachment
Hydraulic Lift Trailer Wheels and Tires
Hydraulic Shovel Windrow Elevator
Laser Yard Truck
Lawn Plow
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