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Reynolds Scrapers on ELS.

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Reynolds International Scrapers for Earthmoving, Land Forming and Construction.

Reynolds International Equipment, L.P. offers the toughest, most reliable and cost effective solution to the challenges of earth moving, land forming and land leveling.  Our Scrapers are used in many industries around the world, including construction of roadways, mining materials, public works, commercial, environmental and agricultural applications.

Roadway Construction, Landforming, Highway and farm road construction with Reynolds

REYNOLDS scraper applications include landforming, the excavation of roadbeds, transiting with the material over rough and soft ground areas to raise bridge ramps and precision grading the road sub base. Depositing road base aggregates with GPS/Laser equipped Ejector scrapers reduces the need for bulldozers, motor-graders, excavators and dumpers.

Environmental Applications, Flood Control, Remediation and Wetlands with Reynolds

Cleaning up the Environment in abandoned brown coal and other mining operations, old munitions factories etc., is a top priority for many Governments. Where possible, the old pits are cleaned, ravines leveled and covered with soil for vegetation and the water table is left to rise forming lakes for recreational activities.

Agricultural Applications, Irrigation, Aquaculture Ponds, Waste Lagoons with Reynolds

Grading the land to create field conditions not always provided by nature has become an economic necessity . Benefits include ease and speed of tillage, planting cultivating, and harvesting; and above all can ensure the ideal soil moisture content for healthy plant development.

Public Works, Airports, Beach Restoration and Sanitary Landfill with Reynolds

New Airport developments and expansions involve grading large acreages with millions of cubic yards of earth moved. Our economical and highly maneuverable scrapers pulled by your 4-Wheel Drive agricultural tractors are also capable of excavating the rainwater run-off channels, sediment collection ponds, new road beds and constructing earthen noise protection barriers.

Mining Materials, Clay, Kaolin, Diatomaceous Earth, Sand and Gravel with Reynolds

Mining operations involve the removal of overburden, the excavation and transport of the mineral to the processing point and environment rehabilitation work. These tasks demand equipment which can provide a constant material supply, is simple to maintain and requires the lowest possible investment.

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