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ELS features listings for all brands of new and used electric forklifts. We have listings for class 2 and class 3 forklifts including center control riders, end control walkie/rider, walkie, side loaders, single reach, straddle truck and order pickers. Manufacturers include Clark, Toyota, Raymond, Nissan, Hyster, and more. ELS listings for class 1 used Electric forklifts include makers such as Caterpillar, Clark, Hyster, Nissan, Prime, Raymond, Toyota, and others.

The Clark listings include class 1 electric rider models such as the ECG20, ECG25, ECG30, ECG32, TMX12, TMX15S, TMX15, TMX17, TMX20, and TMX25. Counterbalanced standup lift truck listings include models ESMII12, ESMII15S, ESMII15, ESMII17, ESMII20, ESMII22, and ESMII25. The Clark class 2 and class 3 walkies include models WP45, PWD30SE, and PWD40SE. The narrow aisle standup reach truck models include NPR15D, NPR17, NPR20, and NPR22. Straddle truck models include the NSR22 and NSR25. The counterbalanced order picker is model OP15X.

The Toyota listings include many class 1 electric rider models 3 wheel models include the 7FBEU15, 7FBEU18, 7FBEU20, and 7FBEHU18. The Toyota 4 wheel models include the 7FBCU15, 7FBCU18, 7FBCU20, 7FBCU25, 7FBCU30, 7FBCU32, 7FBCHU25, 7FBCU35, 7FBCU45, 7FBCU55, 7FBH15, 7FBH18, 7FBH20, and 7FBH25. The standup rider models include the 7BNCU15, 7BNCU18, 7BNCU20, and 7BCNU25. You can find listings for Toyota 's series of Electric Walkie Stackers including straddle, counterbalanced and reach stackers.

Raymond Corporation's electric forklifts and fork lift truck listings include hand pallet trucks, walkie pallet trucks, walkie stacker trucks, counterbalanced lift trucks, Reach-Fork® trucks, order pickers, and Swing-Reach® trucks. There are also listings for the Raymond® DSD 4-Wheel Sit-Down Counterbalanced Truck.

Nissan's three and four wheel electric sit-down fork lifts models include PE30Y, PE35Y, PE40Y, PE50Y, PE50LY, PE60Y, PE80Y, TNX30, TNX35, NX30, and NX35. Nissan's electric pallet truck models include EWPN-2, WPN60, WPN80, RPN60, RPN80, SGXN4-60, SGXN4-80. The Nissan walkie stacker models include counter balanced WCN30 and WCN40 as well as straddle truck models WSN30 and WSN40. Listings for Reach truck model WSR30 can also be found. Narrow aisle models include rider reach RRN30D, RRN35, RRN45, RSN40, RSN40 and order picker truck model OSN30.