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ELS features listings for all brands of new and used internal combustion forklifts. You will find class 4 and class 5 forklifts including gasoline forklifts, lp/propane forklifts, diesel forklifts and all fuel forklifts on ELS. ELS listings for class 4 and class 5 forklift listings include makers such as Caterpillar, Clark, Daewoo, Hyster, Misubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Yale, and others. The Caterpillar listings include models C3000, C3500, C4000, C5000, C5500, C6000, C6500, GC35K, GC40K, GC45K, GC55K, GC60K, and GC70k There are listings for class 5 models such as the P3000, P3500, PC4000, P5000, P5500, P6000, P6500, P7000, P4000D, P5000D, P5500D, P6000D, P6500D, GP40K, DP45K, GP50K, DP40K, DP45K, and DP50K.

Mitsubishi Forklift Truck listings include models FGC15N, FGC18N, FGC20CN, FGC20N, FGC25N, FGC28N, FGC30N, FGC33N, FGC35K, FGC40K, FGC45K, FGC55K, FGC60K, and FGC70K can be found on ELS. Class 5 listings for models FG15N, FG18N, FG20N, FD20N, FG25N, FD25N, FG28N, FD28N, FG30N, FD30N, FG33N, FD33N, FG35N, FD35N, FG40K, FD40K, FG45K, FD45K, FG50K,and FD50K can also be found on ELS.

Daewoo listings include models GC15S, GC18S, GC20SC, GC25E, GC30E, and GC32E. Class 5 models D15S, G15S, D18S, G18S, D20SC, G20SC, G20E, D20S, G25E, D25S, G30E, D30D, D32S, G32P, D35S, G35S, D40S, G40S, D45S, G45S, D50S, and G50S are also listed on ELS.

Hyster lift truck listings include models S25XM, S30XM, S35XM, S40XM, S40FT, S50FT, S55FTS, S60FT, S70FT, S70XM, S80XM, S100XM, S120XM, S135XL2, and S155XL2 Class 5 pneumatic tire models include H25XM, H30XM, H35XM, H40XM, H45XM, H50XM, H60XM, H65XM, H70XM, H80XM, H90XMS, H200XM, H110XM, and H120XM.

Toyota models found on ELS include the 7FGCU15, 7FGCU18, 7FGCU20, 7FGCU25, 7FGCU30, 7FGCU32, 7FGCU35, 7FGCU45, 7FGCU55, 7FGCU60, and 7FGCU70. Toyota class 5 models include the 7FGU15, 7FDU15, 7FGU18, 7FDU18, 7FGU20, 7FDU20, 7FGU25, 7FDU25, 7FGU30, 7FDU30, 7FGU32, 7FDU32, 7FGU35, 7FDU35, 7FGKU40, 7FDKU40, 7FGU45, 7FDU45, 7FGAU50, 7FDAU50, 7FGU60, 7FDU60, 7FGU70, 7FDU70, 7FGU80, and 7FDU80.

Nissan class 4 cushion tire models include the CL30, CL35, CLS40, CL40, CLU40, CL50, CLU50, CL55, CLU55, CLS60, CL60, CLS65, CL70, and CL80. The class 5 pneumatic tire forklift models include the PL30, PL35, PLD40, PLS40, PL40, PLU40, PL50, PLU50, PLD50, PL55, PLD55, PL60, PLD60, PL70, PLD70, AL30, AL35, AL50, JP80Y, JPD80Y, JP90Y, JPD90Y, JP100Y, JPD100Y, JP110Y, and JPD110Y.