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All data gathered from visitors to Equipment Locator Service and Tom Rowe & Associates web sites is only used by Tom Rowe & Associates internally. We do not and will not distribute lists of e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or other visitor information.

Personal Information: Personal information gathered from our guestbook form is never publicly displayed. Personal information submitted through the equipment contact forms linked to the equipment detail display pages is sent directly to the dealer who is listing the equipment. Because of this, Tom Rowe & Associates cannot make any statement or guarantee regarding the privacy of personal information posted through the equipment contact forms.

Cookies: Our web site uses cookies for the following purposes: Currency preference: A cookie is used to store the currency you prefer to view equipment prices in. This is a persistent cookie - that is, it is not deleted when your web browser is closed. Session identifier: A unique cookie is generated each time you visit our site. This cookie allows us to allocate database connections more efficiently, making searches faster and using less resources on our web server. This is a non-persistent cookie - it expires as soon as your web browser is closed. None of the cookies generated by our site are identified personally with you - your name, e-mail address, phone number, or other personal information is never stored in a cookie, and none of your personal information gathered through contact forms is ever associated with a cookie.

Tracking: As with all web servers, our server keeps detailed logs of which pages are requested, including your IP address, operating system used, and web browser brand and version. The information gathered in our web server logs is analyzed to help us determine which pages are frequently used and the geographic origins of our users. The log files are not released to third parties - however, results of log analysis, such as "hit" counts and geographic breakdowns, may occasionally be released to third parties. Tom Rowe & Associates also tracks the following information: Search Queries: What parameters are used in equipment search queries (i.e. type, make, model, year, location). No personal information or IP address is associated with the queries. Equipment Hits: How many times a particular piece of equipment has been viewed. This information is shared only with the Equipment Locator Service dealer member who is listing the equipment. No personal information or IP address is associated with the queries.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please e-mail [email protected].

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